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Speeches are an important part of every wedding reception, as they give friends and family the chance to honor the new couple. While some people love giving speeches and look forward to their chance to speak in front of people, the majority of wedding guests have a fear of public speaking.

This fear does not necessarily mean that the person is shy, but just that he or she is not comfortable being the center of attention and does not know what to say in this situation. Even writing the speech out beforehand does not help in some cases, especially if you do not have much public speaking experience.

The good news is that Dan Stevens has developed a book of speech examples that will make this experience much easier for you going forward. This type of book is becoming very popular because it gives the speech giver so many different examples to consider and this author has done an excellent job of putting this compilation together.

Types of Speeches

Wedding speeches come in various types, as different people will enjoy different speech styles. If you are attending the wedding of an extremely conservative individual, it is a good idea to leave the risqué jokes behind and stick with something more traditional. Likewise, if someone in the wedding is a notorious jokester, you can push the envelope a little bit and turn the speech into a bit of a roast.

If you are looking for wedding speeches that are more traditional, you can find examples in this book. Likewise, if you are looking to joke with the bride and groom a little bit before getting serious, you can find the perfect example in this book as well.

The Book
What many people now do before attending a wedding is purchase a book to help them out along the way. A book of wedding speech examples is a great way to give yourself an idea of what a great speech sounds like, so you will know if you are on the right track. Dan Steven’s book is a great example of this, as it is full of all kinds of speeches.

Things to Remember

The key when writing a wedding speech is to find a balance that your audience will enjoy, which is exactly what Dan Stevens does in his book. He has put together this book of speech examples for you to use as a template for your speeches, which is sure to make the entire process much easier. In the end, using these examples is the next best thing to having a professional speechwriter put it together for you, as it gives you the confidence that you need to get through this challenging time.

4 Responses to “Wedding Speech Examples”

  1. M. Huff says:

    Well, I´m glad I found this site cause my best friend just got engaged and asked me to be his best man and I have absolutely no idea on how to work on a speech, I know many things to say but not in front of his family and his fiance´s family.

  2. Simon says:

    I found this site very interesting cause there is no easy way to write a speech for the wedding of someone you love, but having all these tips at hand has been of great help, thank you.

  3. Frederik says:

    I am very interested in Dan Stevens book cause I am very scared about my brother´s wedding, I was asked to be his best man which is great but the speech makes me very nervous, I don´t like speeches cause I don´t think I´m good at it, specially with a microphone, I´m sure this book will help me feel confident about it.

  4. Henry says:

    My son will get married soon and he wants me to make a toast at his wedding, I promised him to get prepared cause at my daughters wedding my speech came out totally different than the way I planned it and I was not satisfied at all, I don´t want to do the same thing again.

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