Solution for a Best Man Toast

Delivering the best man toast at a wedding is a huge honor. At the same time, however, it is a major responsibility and is not something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a result, authors like Dan Stevens have begun writing books on the subject to help the worried ‘toasters’ write their own speeches. This particular book is full of great examples of best man toasts that you can use when creating your own speech, so that you know exactly what to include and say.

The Beginning

Every best man speech starts with the introduction. At this point, you must introduce yourself to the crowd and explain how you know the groom. This is an excellent chance to include some humor into the speech, as this will help you to capture your audience’s attention. The introduction is perhaps the most important part because it sets up the rest of your speech. If you lose your audience right from the start, your speech is unlikely to go as planned. Dan Stevens is excellent at writing introductions and this book has a number of great examples you can use as a templates for your own speech. All you’ve got to do is cut and paste.

The Body

After you have everyone’s attention, you can get to the heart of your best man toast. The middle of your speech should include a story about the groom. Often times, this is a funny story, but make sure that it is not too embarrassing. Remember that you are delivering this speech to the groom’s new family, so you do not want to start on the wrong foot. After a funny story, you can then tell a heartwarming story that shows the audience how great of a person the groom is and which leads to the conclusion. Telling the right type of stories can be difficult, but Dan Steven’s book features a number of examples for you to compare to yours. Wording the story properly is important too, which is also something with which Fey can help you with.

The Conclusion

The end of your speech is what everyone will remember and it should be entirely positive. This is where you tell the groom what a great person he is and how great of a husband he will be in the future. This is the part that most men have problems with, because this is the part where they must get a little bit mushy with their friend. This is perhaps where Dan’s book shines the most, as he words things perfectly, without going over the top. You can use these examples to help with your best man speech, which should take much of the difficulty involved with speech writing away.

The Delivery

Of course, the delivery of the speech is mega crucial. All of this is useless if you cannot deliver the speech properly, but having a properly constructed speech should give you the confidence that you need to get through it. Knowing that you have put the speech together properly takes all of the guesswork out of the experience, so that you can focus on having fun at the wedding; rather than worrying about how your speech will go. For this reason, Dan Steven’s book is highly recommended.

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  1. Gary says:

    Thanks a lot for these tips, I was really hoping I could find something like this in which I can get an idea on what I am gonna say cause in the beginning it seemed like a joke but now I really have to work on something good.

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