Wedding Reception Timeline

A wedding is such a joyous occasion, with all the happiness that goes along with it, there is also a lot of worry, anxiety and frustration. This is usually accompanied with things not going as planned or someone forgetting to do something, etc. With all the hustle of the wedding, you want things to be PERFECT! The checklist below will help you plan the most flawless wedding reception.

1. Create a receiving line

If you haven’t had a chance to meet and great everyone in the wedding ceremony, then a receiving line is the most ideal for the wedding reception. This gives the bride/groom, bridesmaids/groomsmen, parent’s of the bride/groom and opportunity to greet the guests and thank them for coming to the reception.

2. Dance

After you’ve greeted everyone and everyone is seated, this is the time where someone (it can be the DJ or if you have a live band, one of the band members) introduces the entire court. Remember to introduce the brides/groom’s parents first. Also, this is the time where the bride and groom share their first dance.

3. The Toast

You might want to get with the best man, and ask him if he plans to say his toast before or after the meal. So that way, you are in sync.  Since he will be toasting to both the bride and the groom it would be a good idea that both of you are together at the time when he says his toast. Thereafter, the bride will say her speech and the groom, etc..

4. The Food  

At this time, you and your guests should be eating your meal. If in your wedding you will be serving only cake and cocktails, or a full dinner, please state that on the invitation so your guests will know what to expect.

5. Cut the Cake

At this time of the reception the cake is cut. Traditionally, the groom and the bride cut the first slice, then the groom feeds a small piece of the first slice to the bride, and the bride gets that same slice and feeds a piece to the groom. While this is happening, pictures are usually being taken of the couple. After the pictures, the cake is served by the court or the servers.

6.Tossing the Bouquet and Garter

This is the moment that everyone is waiting for… the tossing of the bouquet and garter. At this time, all single ladies gather together in the middle of the venue or outside (before the bride and groom leave to their honeymoon) while the bride throws her bouquet to all the single ladies. This goes the same for the men. All single men gather together while the groom removes the garter from the bride’s thigh and tosses it in the crowd of bachelors. It’s up to the couple who should go first.

After all this occurs, the night is finally ending. Some couples make their honey moon getaway after the bouquet and garter has been tossed, and others stay behind to thank and mingle with the remaining guests. This decision is up to the couple. No matter what you decide, if you follow the steps above you will have the perfect wedding reception. And hey, it’s one last thing to worry about!



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  1. Angie says:

    Thank you for this post, it is really useful to see how things should be done during the wedding ceremony, I´m not getting married but I´m the maid of honor for my best friend and I´m trying to help as much as I can with the planning and showers.

  2. Rose says:

    I have found lots of timelines on planning the wedding but this timeline showing how the reception should go is very useful cause then we won´t mess up during the reception party and we will have a good reference of the order in which things should happen,

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